Common property: what can it be?

Common property is generally the structure of the building itself, or common open space.

Something that surprises lot owners is that the an owners corporation can also own personal property things such as gym equipment, washing machines & lawn mowers. For ease in this post I will lump personal property owned by the owners corporation in with common property as the obligations to renew and replace its personal property under section 106(2) of the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015.

2 responses to “Common property: what can it be?

  1. I love in a high density apartment complex of about 40 or so residents. It is a government ( housing commission). There is no security here. No gated entry, no cameras ECT.
    In such there is alot of theft and anti social behaviours, and violence, tyre slashings, bikes stolen, cars stolen and broken into. ……
    I have made a small garden, bbq, area , for use by all residence.
    But the land Lord has TOLD me to take them down. Because of people’s rights to privacy. … But I’m not allowed the right to secure my front door, and the property of all residence ?
    It seems I just have to put up with all of the above theft and anti social behaviours? I have no right to try to protect ,and keep us all safe? As the department of housing has not acted on our concerns?

    • Hi Mark, your housing scheme sounds challenging indeed. Iā€™m not sure which jurisdiction you live in however you should be contacting the housing provider in writing with your safety concerns together with a request for security (additional security) for your unit & evidence of the anti-social behavior (photos, a diary log of any incidents including time and date) requesting security for the scheme as a whole be improved and persevere with your request as even in strata schemes (which it sound like you do not live in) progress can be very slow. Allison

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